Fini Aceto Balsamico
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Treviso radicchio risotto with Fini Balsamic Glaze

400g Arborio rice
150g butter
1 onion
Fini Balsamic Glaze
300g Treviso radicchio
1 liter chicken or vegetable stock

Brown half the onion in 50g of butter in a pan, then add the rice and sear slightly. Next add the stock a little at the time, mixing now and again. In a separate pan, brown the other half of the onions in another 50g of butter along with the finely chopped Treviso radicchio, then add this to the rice halfway through the latter’s cooking time. When the rice is cooked, add Fini Balsamic Glaze and stir in the remaining butter. Serve immediately while piping hot.

enjoy your meal!

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